Content for Attorneys makes it easy and affordable to fill your website with relevant, high-quality content.

What does this mean for your firm?

Potential clients will find you, learn why you are the best in your field, and contact you for more information. Search engines will rank you among the highest returns and you will be viewed as an authority in your field.

Content is the key to attracting your target audience to your website and converting them into your ideal client.


The best attorney websites feature SEO friendly content and blogs. It attracts and educates – attracts your ideal clients and fills them in on important information about your firm and the field of law you practice – all before they pick up the phone.

How often has this thought run through your head:

“Blogging or writing any kind of content takes way too much time… time I’d rather be working with clients!”

It’s true, writing content does take time, but the pay-off is worth it.

If you’re like most attorneys, you’ve already tried your hand at writing articles or blogs for your website. And… like most attorneys, you probably realized how time consuming it is. Most attorneys post a few blogs, many of which attract leads, but then their blogs fall silent, primarily because of their primary responsibility of managing their firm and representing clients.

It’s a catch-22 – the better the content you create the more business you generate, and the more business you generate, the less time you have to continue creating content.

So how do you keep up with online marketing efforts while also building a successful law firm?

Partner with a content creator who will provide you with high-quality content that keeps your marketing train rolling, even as your business grows.


Another challenge you’ll face as an attorney using a website for marketing is keeping all the rules of SEO straight.

Mastering online search engines takes time, but is necessary for clients to find you, so they are able to read your content and reach out to you. Generating leads first begins with recognition as an authority in your industry by search engines – the gatekeepers of the internet.

• Do you want the money you’ve already invested in your website to pay off?
• Do you want to be viewed as an authority in your field?
• Do you want to provide an educational resource for current and potential clients?

You achieve this by making sure search engines return you in their top results when people search for firms specializing in your field of law. Updating your blog on a weekly basis, or even more frequently, is the best way to achieve these goals.


There are plenty of content writing resources out there, but few will measure up to your expectations. As the saying goes, “you get what you pay for,” and all too often, attorneys cut corners and end up with a website filled with content that is poorly written, inaccurate, and not a true representation of their firm.

The good news?

It’s possible to get high-quality content that achieves all of your internet marketing goals for an affordable price.

“But I don’t want my website to sound like a sales pitch. I’d rather it be a credible resource for clients.”

You’re right to be concerned. There are far too many “hard sale” websites out there, many of which are in the legal field. Not only are they ineffective, they have a negative impact on your reputation.

The most effective website content is informational and visitors to your site enjoy reading it. It promotes you as the best possible option in your field, but there’s no hard sales pitch or aggressive “in your face” message. It’s you, reaching out to people with legal problems that your firm can help them solve.

If you’re ready to turn your website into your number one marketing tool, I can help. Visit our Content Bundles page to learn more or email me at kelly@kbjwriting.com.