Keeping Up with Content

Blogging is one of the best ways to grow your practice and ensure the investment you’ve made in your website is worth it. Unfortunately, too many lawyers don’t take their blogs seriously and in many cases, these platforms just become dead space dragging down their website and their brand.

The good news is if you’ve failed to keep up with blogging or you never took advantage of the opportunity in the past, it’s easy to fix the problem now. You’re already one step ahead of the blogging game: you have a built-in niche and target audience that makes it easy to establish yourself as an expert and build trust with potential clients. Now all you need to do is decide how to turn your message into interesting blog posts and stay on top of posting the content you create.

What Should a Lawyer Blog About?

For everyone who wants to blog but hasn’t gotten their blog off the ground yet, the toughest part is coming up with topics for blog posts. You might have a lot to say about your field, but unless you can organize it into relevant, search engine-friendly, and reader-friendly posts, what you say won’t do you much good.

There are plenty of ways to come up with blog topics. A good way to brainstorm is to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are there questions I repeatedly hear from clients or in my industry in general?
  • Have I seen topics explained on other sites and I believe I could do it better?
  • Have I seen topics explained on other sites and I believe I need to correct misconceptions or dive deeper?
  • Does a topic keep coming up on social media  related to my industry or are there current topics trending on social media that are relevant to the legal industry?
  • Have I attended a recent event or presentation and learned information that would be interesting to my audience?
  • Is my firm offering something new or is there a service I want to highlight?

Once you’ve gone through this entire list,  chances are good you’ll have a list of potential topics to keep you writing for at least a few weeks. You can do this exercise once a month or as often as necessary and you’ll see how changes in the industry and current events affect your answers – and give you great topics for content.

organizing lawyer content

A plan for blogging helps attorney’s stay organized and up-to-date with their content.

Staying Organized

As you accumulate content ideas, you’ll need to keep things organized. Especially as you begin to build a list of post ideas that are time-sensitive and “ever green.” This allows you to change directions and respond to current events, setting aside a less timely post for when things are slower.

There are plenty of systems out there for organizing content, and for some, it’s as simple as bookmarking ideas online or making notes in a blank document. The important thing is you find an organization system that works for you, even if it seems rudimentary or isn’t the latest and greatest option. Investing time and money in a system that isn’t comfortable is a waste of resources and is the fastest way to fall behind with your blog content.

Outsourcing Your Blog

outsourcing attorney blog content

Outsourcing your law firm’s blog can help you keep content fresh and up-to-date.

Though your blog is a valuable resource for sharing your firm’s message with the world, keeping up with it isn’t always your first priority. And sometimes it’s a catch-22. At first you’ll have no problem keeping up, but as your site begins to convert visitors to clients, and you get bogged down with work, you won’t have time to keep up. Your blog helped you reach your goals, but in order to keep up the pace, you need to also keep up with your blog.

Outsourcing blog content is an option for keeping things rolling along at a steady pace, but you need to be careful. Not everyone is capable of creating content that meets your standards and conveys your message. And if your voice suddenly changes, blog readers are going to notice and you’re going to lose credibility. The best thing you can do is to team up with someone who understands your industry and is willing to invest time and effort into familiarizing themselves with your brand and staying on message.

It’s important to keep up with content and ensure your blog is doing its main job – bringing clients to your business – but if it’s a tough challenge. If you’re overwhelmed and need help keeping it all together, let me know.


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