The Power of an Editorial Calendar

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Planning blog posts in advance saves you time and frustration.

Staying organized and on top of things is essential to operating a successful law firm. Unfortunately when it comes to their blogs, far too many firms fall behind and neglect this powerful marketing tool. An editorial calendar can help you get back on track and make the most of the money you’ve invested in internet marketing.

Importance of Updated Blog Content

First, let’s discuss content for a minute. Most website owners have heard of content marketing and have some idea what it is and maybe an idea of how it could help them. Content marketing is a way to get your message out there and establish your firm as a go-to resource on the internet. It not only helps you drive traffic to your site, it also helps you become a valuable resource for potential clients and convert site visitors into paying clients.

Content is all of the material you share on your site and elsewhere on the internet. It’s your online voice  and should reflect your brand. It should also flow from your firm on a regular basis – a challenge most firms face because they are busy dealing with day-to-day matters and managing clients.

That’s where an editorial calendar comes in. Having a plan in place for your content helps you automate the work and ensures there will be a steady stream flowing from your firm out into the internet.

What is an Editorial Calendar?

Consider using an editorial calendar to keep your blog organized.

An editorial calendar is a planning and management system for content. Many publications use them to manage content and keep things organized for their staff.

You might think of an editorial calendar in terms of magazine publishing – what articles and other material a magazine will publish from week to week or month to month. Magazine publishers know months, sometimes even years in advance what’s going to be in upcoming issues.

An editorial calendar not only helps you manage the content on your blog, it’s also great for newsletters, social media, and other content. It’s a one-stop-location for content management.

Resource for Your Firm’s Staff

Some versions of an editorial calendar also allow multiple people to work with the content. For instance, if you implement your editorial calendar using Google Drive or another file sharing site, you can add multiple contributors and editors all able to work on the same pieces. It’s a great way to organize content pieces from start to finish – brainstorming right through to the final edit and fact-checking before it’s posted.

Editorial calendars can also be just simple paper calendars with a schedule of post ideas. This gives you a broad overview of the content you need to create and posting for the entire month or year, and makes it easier to plan ahead and tie current events into what you create. It removes that “I wish I’d thought of that sooner!” feeling you get when something happens and you feel you’ve missed out on a marketing opportunity for your firm because you were disorganized and unprepared.

An editorial calendar is another tool you can use to build your brand and convert website visitors to paying clients.

Editorial Calendars and Building Your Firm’s Brand Identity

An editorial calendar is also beneficial for helping you build your brand. Scheduling content in advance allows you to hone your message and comment on topics relevant to your brand.

For instance, if you know a change in a particular law is on the horizon, your editorial calendar can help you stay on top of current news and comment on social media, your blog, and in your newsletter concerning the changes.

This is a simple overview of how an editorial calendar helps you better manage your blog and other online content. You can create as complex a system as you choose, but even with a simple plan, you’re already taking steps in the right direction. Editorial calendars make consistency possible – arguably the most important long-term component to building an online presence for your firm.

Are you currently using an editorial calendar? Have you tried and failed to find a system that works for you? Comment below with your experience and thoughts on how an editorial calendar could help your firm.


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