Building Your Brand: Have You Defined Your Brand?

Helping You Build Your Brand Block by Block

Build your brand block by block by reflecting on your goals for your firm.

Establishing a well-defined brand for your law firm makes promoting it easier. A clear brand message only shows you have a firm grasp of where you are and where you’re headed, it makes what you do more interesting to others.

Though you might be familiar with how other businesses use branding to market what they sell, maybe you’ve never thought about how branding could work for your firm. In this first of several posts in a series on branding, I’ll talk about how defining your brand can help you make an impact on your audience.

In order to define a brand for your firm, you need to ask yourself a few questions. Start with the basics:

How do you describe your firm and the services you offer, and what does your firm do better than others? When someone asks what you do, what’s the answer you give, and do you think it’s the perfect description for your firm?

What is your firm’s one biggest asset? Is it experience, compassion, resources? Whatever it is you should be emphasizing it, so get a clear understanding of what makes you unique.

Who is Your Ideal Client?

Now think about who you consider your perfect client. Take some time to really create a personality and life for your ideal client. You can base it on an actual person with whom you have already worked or not, or it can be entirely fictitious.

I suggest you create a description that includes all of the qualities your ideal client has. This might seem as if it’s just for fun, but having a clear picture of who the person is and why he or she needs a lawyer helps you now and in the long run. All of your marketing efforts should be directed at this ideal client, so knowing this person inside and out helps you long-term.

What Emotions Does Your Brand Elicit?

Once that’s done, think about how your firm stands out from the competition. List a few emotions you’d like people to experience when thinking about your brand.

For instance, when someone thinks of your firm, do you want them to feel excited? Comfortable? At ease? Secure? The emotion your brand should invoke is based on the specific area of law you practice and what you want to provide to clients. There are no right or wrong answers, only what you think feels right for your brand.

What’s the Point?

These exercises help you define your brand. They make it easier to move forward with building a brand for your firm because you understand what makes it unique and what you should emphasize to draw your ideal clients to you. Your branding affects the visual components of your marketing, the structure of your website, your content marketing, and every other component of what you do to promote your firm. It should also play a role in your day-to-day operations and how you work with clients.

If you believe you’ve developed a clearly defined brand for your firm and you have tips to help others, comment below. I’d love to hear about where you started and what you did to bring it all together, and I’m also interested in how your brand affects your content.


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