How Blogging Makes You an Authority in the Legal Community

Content marketing is one of the most powerful tools you have for boosting SEO and for establishing your reputation across the internet. It gets you noticed by search engines, but perhaps more importantly, sharing your ideas and opinions gets you the respect of potential clients, colleagues, and the legal community in general.

Your content marketing tool box should include regular blogs.

One of the strongest content tools you have is your blog. If you are like some attorneys, your blog was an afterthought when you first launched your website. The goal was to get the basic information about your firm online so potential clients could find you.

But now that your site is up and running, it needs fresh content to keep it relevant, and a blog is the best way to do this.

Establishes Trust

Establishing trust online is very similar to doing so offline. In order for your audience to trust you, they must be aware of your experience and qualifications. But it also means showing how you can help a potential client. You not only want someone’s business because it will benefit you, but because you truly believe your service is right for them. In a nutshell? Make sure you are showing you care about your audience and want what is best for them – even if it’s not you.

Gaining authority, though, is about more than just making people like you and ensuring you come across as nice or thoughtful. You must also speak with confidence and have proof to back up your opinions. If you believe someone else would be better to represent a potential client, what’s your reasoning? If you think you are the right choice, why? And if you have something to say about current legal events, what’s your rationale for forming your opinion. People don’t want to know your opinion – they want to know why they should care about your opinion.

Keeps Your Website Relevant

Your law firm’s blog is a great place to comment on current events.

One of the best things about blogging is it allows you to comment on current events. Many of the pages of your website need to be timeless – or as timeless as search engines will allow – but your blog can be current.

Your blog is your opportunity to let people know what you think about the latest developments, be they legal or just news in general. You might not think your opinion is all that valuable to the masses, but it can be.

By sharing your thoughts on certain issues, you are connecting with your audience and allowing them to see into how you form your views and opinions. And it doesn’t hurt SEO – talking about a popular or trending topic is a great way to get attention from search engines.

Highlights Your Experience

Finally, blogging helps you develop into an authority because it enables you to highlight your experience without feeling as if you are bragging.

Do you share information about your achievements, but wonder if maybe you’re going overboard and rubbing people the wrong way? A blog makes it easy to showcase what you’ve done without feeling boastful.

Use your blog as a microphone to share your achievements.

Your blog serves as a microphone, but you’re using it to convey important information about your law firm for those interested. You can even do so in a way that helps your audience by answering a question or fulfilling a need.

Over time your list of accomplishments adds up on your blog, but the accumulation was subtle and organic.

Dealing with the Time Crunch

Your blog allows you to speak directly to your audience, explaining your position on something or sharing information. It lets you connect with readers. Of course blogging brings traffic to your site, but it accomplishes so much more than that. It keeps your website fresh and alive, and make it easier for potential clients to begin to make their decision about hiring you before you even come face to face.

If you’ve found yourself wishing you could maintain a blog, but falling short on time or topics, you aren’t alone. Not only do lawyers struggle with managing content, just about everyone who has a website does, too.

The good news is there are ways around this. You can have a relevant blog in your voice even if you don’t have endless hours to spend writing. There are plenty of tips and tricks for keeping things up to date, and not falling into the trap that so many website owners face – a blog gone dead.

If you’ve figured out how to manage a busy, successful law firm and still manage to keep your blog content recent, share your secret below! And if you are looking for help managing your content, you’ve come to the right place!


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